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Amazon Echo smart speaker gets new upgrades

Amazon’s smart speakers, Amazon Echo have become of the popular devices in the smart speakers market. So far millions of its devices have been shipped all over the globe. Amazon is...

Bluetooth headphones with graphene to be on 30% off on Amazon Prime Day sale

Graphene is the latest miracle material that has been doing the rounds in the industry these days. The material is expected to revolutionize everything including batteries, cars and even building material....
Android TV

Google hints upcoming 4K Android TV dongle

As the I/O conference is just a month away, search engine giant Google is expected to release a 4K Android TV dongle. An application with the US Federal Communications Commission, which...

GoPro line up gets new entry-level Hero camera

Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro had a few months back promised a new entry-level camera and the company has kept its promise. The GoPro line up got a new model...

Polaroid launches its first instant camera created by Impossible Project

It has been ten years since Polaroid stopped making the instant film cameras and nine years since the company stopped making the film such cameras use. But now the Polaroid camera...