Good old telephone receiver for iPhone


For all those who miss the good old technology of huge receivers on telephones, here is some good news. The new Sanwa Direct telephone receiver for the iPhone might be the perfect solution.

The best things about the accessory is that it is compatible with almost every model of the iPhone and iPad. The accessory is available in black as well as white, so that it can be matched with any iPhone.

The device is available for 2,480 yen on Amazon JP and the new plugin handset is aimed for users who need to talk on the phone seamlessly, while they also use the phone to send an email. It will also come in handy for those who need to set the device on loud speaker mode often.

The buttons inside the handset can also be used to adjust the volume of the external device and the long chord can stretch up to a couple of feet. It is just that the iPhone 5 needs to be held properly, as it weighs just 112 g. At least one Amazon JP customer or old school garake mobile fan has rated the handset a ‘five star’ in online reviews. The users have also cited that it is much easier to take calls on the new device than on the standard iPhone.