5 Best Features Of Apple’s iPhone 7 Series


We just can’t seem to keep up with Apple and their ever-evolving set of bestselling smartphones – the iconic iPhone. This iOS driven piece of transcending technology has gone from being another high-end phone to becoming the phenomenon that it is today. We are still getting used to the awesomeness that is the iPhone 6, and already there are many rumours, leaked images and videos of the soon-to-arrive iPhone 7. Loyal customers are excited, because Apple never seems to disappoint. Let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated features to be launched with the Apple iPhone 7…

5 Best Features of Apple’s iPhone 7 Series

No Ear-Phone Jack? No Way!

In keeping up with their rebellious nature to trump every other smartphone in the market, Apple has gone ahead and eradicated their earphone jack. Is it so that you can pull out their now-defunct iPod for music? You don’t need to because they plan on installing a Lightening port. So, being able to listen to music or take calls using Bluetooth or the port will be the key feature and difference of the iPhone 7. This will give it the sleekest look among every other phone ever released by Apple.

Probable Dual-SIM Usage

For the first time since the first launch of the iPhone series, Apple may introduce the dual-SIM feature. It has already worked great for Android users and it makes sense for Apple to follow suit. So now, you can divide business and personal contacts in one iPhone, easy.

Introducing Space To Your Phone

Move over, Rose Gold. Apple just may be launching a brand new color for their iPhone 7 – Space Blue. They might be getting rid of the sombre Space Grey, though their other colors may still get to be a part of their latest release. Imagine a deep blue iPhone in your hands. Really classy, isn’t it? Let’s hope this one works out and doesn’t just stay a hopeful rumour.

More Mind-Blowing Storage Space

Let’s be real – even 32GB seems a little too less. So, Apple might just surprise us a little more – ok, not little, but A LOT – storage on your iPhone 7 could come up to 256GB! Of course, each iPhone 7 would differ in storage capacity, along with price range, which brings us to our next, and last, two points.

Three Variants Of Awesomeness

There was the iPhone 5, then the iPhone 5S, so Apple is going to continue with tradition and introduce two variants for their yet-to-be launched smartphone – the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s the great news – Apple will probably keep their prices stable and almost similar to their iPhone 6 series. So expect similar prices for each of their varieties, but of course, the more features you get, the more dough you will have to shell out.

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