4 Noticeable foldable phone problems that have not yet been addressed


Foldable Phones are being circulated across the global market and there is indeed a fan following for this segment. The first phones for the segment were introduced in 2019 and  ever since then the gadget enthusiasts and watchers have been curious and critical about them. Ever since then the companies have launched better versions of the foldable phones after noticing a number of drawbacks. However, there are still a few glitches that have still not been addressed. Some of the things that the companies have worked on include reduced creases on the display, tougher folding screens and better software. But the problems do not end there and there are still problems that need to be addressed. Here are a few of them that we have noticed.

  1. The creases – One of the most prominent problems in the foldable phones are the creases that continues to be prominent especially in the Samsung foldable phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Z Flip 4 has prominent creases that look odd. On the other hand the rival companies like Oppo, Honor and Huawei have also tried to fix the issue with a few successes.
  2. Dust resistance – Samsung foldable offer water resistance but when it comes to dust resistance it fails. They are not at all build for facing the dust. This is something that the future foldable phones should have. The hinges on the sides leaves the gap for the dust to enter along with the display creases.
  3. Foldable screens that do not look premium – With years, the foldable screens have surely become durable and tough. We can also see an ultra-thin glass that can be seen on a number of models. Samsung now offers an S Pen with the Z Fold series. But one cannot deny the fact that the folding screens look and feel cheap.
  4. App support – App support continues to remain an issue with foldable phones. However, Google has scored well with its Android 12L and a similar work can also be seen with Samsung. There are a number of apps that do not support the large screen of the foldables like  the Galaxy Z Fold.

Photo Credits: Unsplash