Plans of Apple to return to normalcy delayed due to fresh COVID surge


iPhone giant Apple had earlier made its plans clear about returning to full-fledged work with employees on board. It had also intended to launch its all new iPhone to mark its return post pandemic. However, the new strains of the virus have played a spoiled sport and have put a question mark on the launch of the new iPhone. The human resource and retail chief at Apple, Dierdre O’Brien, while talking to his employees about the company’s deadline to return to office said that it has been delayed.

The office was expected to have its employees from September but it has now been delayed till October. O’Brien added that the employees would be given a notice of one month on the return date. However, the actual date continues to remain tentative. Apart from the delay in returning to office, the employees across the globe have been asked to mask up again after the requirement was dropped in the month of June, 2021. The company through emails and posts on private websites has urged the employees to get vaccinated.

This means that the focus is now again on the remote work policies. There have been reports that some of the employees are considering to see for roles at other companies that have a more flexible attitudes in terms of working remotely. When the employees return to the office set up at Apple, it plans to begin with three days at the office and two days at home policy. However, Tim Cook has said that the policy will be reevaluated in 2022 and added that it will not be applicable to everyone.

Once all the employees would return to the office, as it has been planned originally and if the cases continue to be low then there are possibilities that the company would gear up for its first in-person launch event since 2019. Despite the pandemic, the company managed to generate more than $100 during the last holiday.

Photo Credits: Pixabay