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Smartwatches might be able to detect COVID-19 before symptoms show up

Detecting COVID-19 early was a challenge at the beginning of the pandemic. Now that the world has learnt a number of lessons and has also understood the behavior of the virus,...

Samsung adds features to older smartwatches

Change is not just the basic characteristic of nature but is also the basic characteristic of business that helps it to keep ticking and making revenue. If changes are not made...

Xiaomi teases first Wear OS smartwatch that looks similar to Apple Watch

Xiaomi is all set to unveil its first wearable device, a smart wristwear under its main brand. The company is not completely new to the segment as it has been making...

Samsung to release new smartwatch Galaxy Sport

South Korean giant Samsung recently shifted and re-branded its Gear Smartwatches under the Galaxy brand by launching the Galaxy Watch in August 2017. After re-branding its smartwatches, the next step for...

Qualcomm to launch new chip for wearable devices

American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications company Qualcomm will soon be launching a new system-on-chip line up with will be designed for the smartwatches and other wearables. The progress comes two and...