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Google Store removes 13 malicious smartphone apps

Search engine giant Google has recently removed 13 driving-themed games from its Play Store due to the malware content in it. The ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko said that the games...
search results

Google to allow users to comment on search results

Search engine giant Google might soon start to introduce public comments on its search results. The new feature was first found by 9to5Google during the APK tear down of the new...

Apple crushes 25,000 apps from App store in China

American multinational tech giant Apple has pulled out more than 25,000 apps from the App Store in China which did not meet the Chinese regulations. More than 4,000 of these apps...

Google Assistant gets colorful updates

Search engine giant Google is under process of updating its Assistant App. The new updates will allow the users to make choices on one of the voice options even easier. At...
Google Maps

Small team creates Google Maps feature for wheelchair users

Sasha Blair Goldensohn, was an employee with Google , who went in to temporary coma and suffered internal paralysis after he was hit by a rotten branch that fell on him...