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samsung note 8

Samsung Note 8 Vs Apple iPhone 8

The mobile phone industry has been very competitive for the past 10 years, but the war between Apple and Samsung stands out with the Samsung Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8. Their...

iPhone X Review – In-depth Analysis

Apple released the iPhone 10 – dubbed as the iPhone X on 12th September. The iPhone X is a special product designed by the Cupertino, California-based tech giant to celebrate the...
Google maps

Google Maps now available in 39 additional languages

Web mapping service Google Maps has got an update with the help of which users in the countries like Croatia, Azerbaijan and Latvia can also use it. The service is now...
Google Maps

Small team creates Google Maps feature for wheelchair users

Sasha Blair Goldensohn, was an employee with Google , who went in to temporary coma and suffered internal paralysis after he was hit by a rotten branch that fell on him...

Upcoming Samsung phone might have on-screen fingerprint reader

What if the users are treated with an on-screen fingerprint scanner instead of the regular finger print placed on the home button. Finegrprint sensor manufacturer, Synaptics has announced the attempt and...
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