Samsung Note 8 Vs Apple iPhone 8

samsung note 8

The mobile phone industry has been very competitive for the past 10 years, but the war between Apple and Samsung stands out with the Samsung Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8. Their war for dominance in the smartphone market/space is an interesting one, to an extent that the consumer is spoiled for choice.
Off late, Samsung has pulled some surprises by designing attractive and appealing smartphones and has come up with flashy design styles that include beautiful glasses and metal devices that a consumer can hardly ignore. Take for instance the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is a sizeable phone that is paired with an S Pen stylus that other manufacturers don’t have.
These are the features to look out for when it comes to the Samsung Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8. :
Both phones have powerful cameras of 12MP for the primary part. For those who love selfies, Note 8 has a more powerful front camera, with 8MP, and boasts of a telephoto lens that enables zooming while iPhone 8 has a 7MP camera that has an improved version of the Portrait Mode Apple that they introduced on iPhone 7. Note 8 has a dual camera that helps it in low-light conditions, achieving a better depth-of-field.
Note 8’s bezel-less design puts it ahead of iPhone 8 because a few years back, Samsung was known for cheap plastic designs whose durability and sleekness was in question. Note 8 is now sleek, with a metal and glass design, while iPhone 8 remains more the same as its predecessors 6 Plus and 7. They are both water resistant; with Note 8 having IP68 certified rating, while iPhone 8 has IP67 certified rating.
The IOS has an amazing array of apps and features such as iMessage and ARKit that are both addictive. Note 8’s Android is able to handle multitasks and notifications better and makes sharing better.
Note 8 has an internal memory of 64GB, expandable to 256 GB (has memory card slot) while iPhone 8 comes in two versions of 64GB and 256 GB with no memory card slot.
Note 8 has a sound jack, supporting headphones that make the sound quality better and also for those who love the convenience of enjoying music individually. iPhone 8 has better in-built speakers but has no sound jack.
With all these features, personal preferences can guide you on which phone to go for. They are good quality smartphones, operating on different platforms and of course costing differently. The powerful storage for both smartphones, classic cameras, sleek designs, high-speed processors and fascinating interfaces make these two phones occupy the market loudly. The future is still bright for these two smartphones makers.