BlackBerry introduces smartphone Priv to more markets


Smartphone manufacturing giant BlackBerry is continuing to sell their new flagship phone the BlackBerry Priv in more markets in the world. In recent times the company has suffered a loss in the smartphone market mainly due to its non-acceptance of Android and iOS.
But now it seems like the Canada based company is confident with its new smartphone and say that it can also be a game changer for the company. The turning point is that the BlackBerry Priv run on Android and does not run on the company’s regular operating system. BlackBerry has started accepting its pre-orders in the UK and will soon be available in the US and Canada.
However, considering the confidence of the company, it does not seem many people are interested in the smartphone Priv. The best part of the smartphone is that it has a physical keypad which slides out other than the on-screen keypad. People in the US can order the Priv from the BlackBerry US website. Many might find the new Priv a bit pricey as it has a price tag of $699.
People in Canada can pre-order with either Rogers Wireless or pre-order on the BlackBerry Canada Website. The device will come with a 5.4 inch dual curved screen with a 3410 mAh battery and an 18 mega pixel dual flash camera.

Photo Credits: hothardware