Banks ban Samsung Galaxy S10 devices due to faulty fingerprint reader


Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 users in the UK might temporarily face a few issues with bank transactions. About three banks on the UK are temporarily suspending the mobile banking services for the users of the Galaxy S10 users. The reports of the suspension of bank services for the handsets have surfaced after a few security issues have put an impact on the fingerprint scanner in the smartphones which are used to unlock the device and is also used while authenticating in banking apps.

The banks like Royal Bank Of Scotland and National Westminster Bank will no more be allowing customers who use the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. The banks have decided to pull back its app from the Google Play Store for those who use the Samsung device in question. Soon the customers started bombarding the banks with questions about the decision made by the banks, which has quoted security concerns as the major reason behind. However, it is not just the banks which have taken measures to protect its customers but even some of the users on Reddit have informed that the banks have disabled the fingerprint authentication feature entirely.

Even in the US a user has informed that their bank did not allow them to use Samsung Pay at an ATM. This means that it is still not clear, if this is happening due to a technical error or is actually the decision of the bank. Another user said that they were suggested to remove their fingerprint from the smartphone. The security concerns have flared up suddenly due to an incident that happened about a week back when a couple in the UK had noticed that their Samsung Galaxy S10 was unlocked while using a completely different fingerprint that was registered on the device.

Then it was found that the problem was due to a silicon cover on the screen of the phone. Samsung has assured that it would release an update to solve the issue.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends