Microsoft begins testing Xbox Cloud gaming on web


Microsoft is all set to launch the Xbox Cloud gaming to the web. The good news is that the software giant has already started to test the xCloud game streaming in the browsers and the experience will be familiar if the gamers have already tried in on their respective Android devices. It is not very complicated but a very straight launcher that will help the gamers to launch some of the recent games and can also fine the news ones and can be played through the essential Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

People who are testing will need to have a controller to play the Xbox games and at present the test is limited only for the Chromium-based browsers like the Microsoft Edge or Chrome. However, it could take some time to experience how it could be on an iOS device. It is not even clarified what kind of resolution the software giant will be using for gameplay. There are very less chances that it could be 4K as Microsoft is upgrading is cloud framework to the Xbox Series X hardware. This is expected to happen later in 2021.

The testing is currently closed and not many people will be able to do it. But Microsoft has assured that it will be making the PC and iOS streaming available on the web by spring. The current reports have suggested that the company is making every effort towards bringing the cloud gaming to the web and it could ultimately be able to do it. If things work out as planned, it would mark an important development in the gaming division of the company.

The focus of Microsoft gaming is to make the Xbox titles available wherever the gamers wish to play and with the option for the browser, the service will become even more accessible. It could be available for a monthly fee of $15.

Photo Credits: Xbox Wiki