Hikers lives saved due to fall detection feature on Apple Watch

apple watch

The Apple Watch has been the favourite device of many gadget lovers and despite the price, the buyers went on to buy it due to the various features that it provides. The Watch recently saved the lives of a couple who was hiking in New Jersey as the Fall Detection feature on the device did its work. 28 year old James Prudenciano and his partner, love to go hiking, but slid down from a cliff and found themselves on a secluded ledge. The two thought that they were stuck, until their Apple Watch did its job.

Prudenciano and his partner are used to different challenges and were climbing the Hartshorne Woods Park in Monmouth County. James’s partner first slipped on a bunch of thorns and since she was not able to climb back, Prudenciano decided to rescue her. But soon they realized that the mountain sides were too steep for them to climb up or climb down. The couple was left to keep trying for the next two hours. Prudenciano had proper training to sit and slide down the mountain and had also lost his shoe. The two then started sliding down as much as they could and fell hard on different parts of a ledge.

The 28 year old hiker said that his leg was twisted , was already hurt and was only able to see rocks. While he was trying to figure out another way out, his Apple Watch answered, “911, what’s your emergency”. Soon the agencies responded and the hikers were brought back to safety by a civilian boater. Prudenciano suffered a fracture on his back and also injured his leg and foot. On the other hand his partner escaped with minor injuries.

The Apple Watch user said that he had turned on the fall detection feature on the device which automatically calls emergency services if it detects a hard fall. The device first asks the user and if there is no response and the person wearing it is immobile for about a minute then, the Watch calls the emergency service on its own.

Photo Credits: 9to5mac