Samsung Launches New Ultrabooks for Indian Market

405 South Korean giant Samsung has launched its Ultra Notebook series  for the Indian market, that comes powered by Core i5 processors. The new Ultrabooks were launched a few days back and are available in 13 and 14-inch models, which means that the notebooks are very portable.

The most interesting feature of the 14 notebooks includes the integrated DVD drive and memory card. Till now, no manufacturers have integrated an optical drive in their Ultrabooks.

The bigger 14-inch model comes with a 1TB drive, while the 13-inch one comes with a 500 GB drive. But the users have the option to select the SSDs over the hard drives on the 13 inch models. The users who go for the 14-inch model can also opt for Radeon HD7550M that is part of the new Radeon HD7000 series of GPUs.

The 13-inch model comes with a weight of 1.42 kg, while the 14-inch mode, weighs 1.84 kg. The standard models of the 13-inch and the 14-inch Ultra Notebooks are priced at Rs 48,990 and Rs 54,390 respectively.

Another recent launch was the Wipro E.go Ultra which is an Ultrabook from the Indian PC manufacturer.