Upcoming Samsung phone might have on-screen fingerprint reader


What if the users are treated with an on-screen fingerprint scanner instead of the regular finger print placed on the home button. Finegrprint sensor manufacturer, Synaptics has announced the attempt and has also begun the mass production of the top-five original equipment manufacturer and is producing the Clear IDFS9500 in display finger print.

However the announcement has not mentioned about which phone or company the OEM Synaptics is partnering with. It is expected that the company will be joining Samsung for the new feature. The other expected companies are Apple, Samsung, and a few Chinese based companies like Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi. But Synaptics working with any other company is less expected as Apple has recently given up the finger print scanning for the iPhone X and went ahead with its Face ID.

Moreover the SVP of Hardware engineering Dan Riccio at Apple said that the Touch ID was never coming to the iPhone X and there are reports that the upcoming iPhones will stick to the Face ID. With this Samsung is still likely to be the most prospective candidate as the two have a history of working together back in 2005 for the Samsung B310. Synapsis is a popular Samsung manufacturing partner and also when it announced the FS9500 optical fingerprint sensor , there were reports that it would be introduced to the Galaxy S8, but that did not happen.

Synapsis had released a press release which said that the Clear ID fingerprint scanner was designed for the phones which had infinity displays. Moreover, Infinity displays is a term which is often used by Samsung to talk about the large bezel-less displays on the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 smartphones. This has clearly indicated that the optical fingerprint reader might be a part of a future Galaxy phone and more potentially for the unreleased Galaxy S9.

Photo Credits: theandroidsoul