Mitsubishi Motors develops new safety assist system e-Assist


Japan based auto maker Mitsubishi Motors has developed e-Assist which is a new active safety system which uses millimeter wave length radar along with a camera. The new safety feature has been launched to enhance the driving safety and peace of mind.

The new e-Assist system will be used for the first time in the all new and fully redesigned Outlander SUV which will be launched in the month of October, 2012 in Japan. The company said that the new system will support safer driving on the occasions when accidents are more likely to occur.

The system will be more useful in long distance journeys or while driving in poor visibility at night or even in bad weather conditions. It will have a Adaptive Cruise Control system which is a radar based system that maintains safe distance with the vehicle in the front even in slow moving heavy traffic.

The Forward Collission Warning System is also a radar based system which automatically applies the brakes when there is a sudden reduction in the distance with the vehicle in front and helps in avoiding a collision. The Lane Departure Warning System is a camera based system which alerts the driver when the vehicle starts to drift from its lane aiding driver concentration.