Sony unveils robot plane that takes off vertically


Electronics manufacturer Sony has unveiled a new robot which can take off vertically and also spy on the devices below it. The new device has been created along with the robotics company ZMP, the Aerosense venture. The device has the combined technology of Sony’s networking and sensing hardware with ZMP’s expertise to create flying and watching.


Sony has hoped that it will soon be able to hire the service and technology to the companied to help them perform surveillance and watch over the people. The Aerosense project flies like a plane and is different from the classic drones that make use of rotors in a quadcopter formation to fly like a helicopter.
This has also meant that it can get faster and go further to allow the companies to look down at much bigger areas. Sony has also hoped that the new technology could be used by the companies to evaluate the projects that include architecture, civil engineering and create maps.
Sony has also opined that it is a safe way to gather data from the air. Chief executive of Aerosense and ZMP Hisashi Taniguchi said, “By making them automated, drones will be considerably safer because many of accidents today are caused by human error”. In recent times, the drones have also been a controversial technology as the experts have threw light on the safety and privacy concerns.

Photo Credits: wired