Apple struggles to keep up supply of iPhone X for holiday season

iPhone X

Apple Inc. had earlier cited production problems which had clearly indicated that the company will not reportedly have enough iPhone X devices for the holiday season. The US-based tech giant had a challenge as to how to produce large number of devices with some of the advance features onboard including the facial recognition.

While many analysts have predicted that about the possible stumble of Apple in terms of supply in time, the company has silently instructed the suppliers to reduce the accuracy of the face-recognition technology so that it becomes easier to manufacture. The iPhone X is ready to be launched on November 3, 2017 and only time can tell if Apple’s recent move would work or not.

However, there are analysts who say that still there might be just a few iPhone Xs to fulfill the initial demand. One of the analysts have predicted that there would be two to three million handsets available on the launch day and 25 million to 30 million units for the holiday season. The figure has come down from the earlier forecast of 40 million. Apple had sold about 78 million phones during the same period in 2016, but the figure included all the models.

For now, the company is reportedly depending on the suppliers and contract the manufacturers to help them to maintain the competitive edge that it has always done. Apple’s decision to reduce the accuracy of the upcoming device has indicated how tough it is to maintain the features that the gadget enthusiasts are excited about. The company has faced delays and supply issues in the past but those were about small offerings like the colors and the less important offering like the Apple Watch. But this time it is about the production issues which might affect the company’s tenth anniversary celebrations, when Apple is expecting much of the company revenue.

Photo Credits: digitaltrends