iPhone 5 to be known as ‘The new iPhone’?


The new iPhone 5 is the latest and hot gossip in the tech sphere. After several months of speculations Apple has invited the media to a press event on September 12, 2012 to unveil the next generation handset to the public.

Some of the leaked images have already been revealed many of the details of the handset and now some of the new images has shown that the iPhone 5 will not be called as ‘iPhone 5’ but the ‘New iPhone’. The new name scheme has come after the revelation of the new iPad.

Apple was also ways known to give some unique names to the products, but this time the siple name comes as a surprise. The image which is originally posted by the blog iPhonenieusblog.nl , has shown an employee at the printing press holding up what should be the next gen iPhone packing.

The packaging has the words ‘The New iPhone’ an iOS 6 logo and shows a taller black iPhone which displays five rows of app icons displayed. At present the iPhone screen size is 3.5 inch which allows it to display four rows of app icons. But the next iPhone is expected to display five icons and a screen size of 4 inches.