Nintendo Japan unveils features of Wii U online


The Japanese division of Nintendo revealed details of some of the upcoming console’s online features on November 7, 2012. The company announced the news in a Nintendo Direct in Tokyo.

Some features like Mii based user accounts and WaraWara plaza have been discussed in the past and with the new presentation, these features were finally rolled out. As players turn on their Wii U, they will be greeted with Mii-Filled WaraWara Plaza, where the player will be seen standing around various game icons where they can hold a discussion on the game.

The players will be able to see information on what other players have been doing on their user interface as well. First time gamers who turn on their console will be prompted to create a user account. Features like browser history, save data and other such information will be tied to these accounts.

There can be up to ten users per Wii U console. Before gamers can use the console’s online features they have to create a Nintendo Network ID. These ID’s will be used to keep a track of online transactions, as well as to exchange information with other players. The Wii U will be launched in America on November 18, 2012.