HTC Launch HealthBox


2013 was the year of Yoga, 2014 the year of Pilates, 2015 the year of Hiking and Bicycling and it seems that 2016 is going to be the year of fitness gadgets to help you on your way to health!

HTC, along with Under Armour has just announced the launch of HealthBox that promises to take health and fitness to the next level. The fire engine-red box that should replace the pizza box you so gluttonously hold in our hands, has three gadgets – UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale. Each one is meant to track a different aspect and together, your overall health.

UA BAND: The sleek accelerometer fits around your wrist perfectly and is meant to be worn all the time. It helps to take note of how many steps you’ve taken in the day, track your sleeping pattern, watch your heart rate and basically record your body motions that usually run in the background as you hike through life.

UA HEART RATE: As the name suggests, this gadget is meant to count your heartbeat. It’s more intense than the band is meant to be bound near the heart area. It also apparently counts calories, so that is something that almost everyone will be excited about. The gadget is slick and can easily be hidden under your shirt as you work hard to optimum health levels.

UA SCALE: This is taking noting how much you way to on a different scale (pun intended). With digital information that is sent out to the cloud, it helps compare all health aspects along with the other two gadgets, so that you know down which road you are heading. Not only you, but even your family can make use of it as it can retain information of up to 8 users.

Those who are really into this whole fitness thing will benefit from using these gadgets. Even if you are a gadget aficionado, you will enjoy the physical features of owning something produced by HTC. However, the point is does it really work for a price of $400 for three things, that let’s be honest, are not so convenient and useful in the grander scheme of things? Would it be better to just do your best at the gym without having something pinned to your chest? That can be answered by taking a look at the sales figures for HealthBox.

Check out the official HTC HealthBox site by clicking HERE.