Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Beats X Review, 5 Things You Should Know Before You Grab One

Best Beats at this price? Beats is a market leader for headphones and speakers. More often than not Beats headphones sacrifice music quality and tech for appearance, the Beats X however, looks...

The New Snapchat Spectacles Are Coming! Here’s What You Need to Know

Snapchat has amazed the world with the showing of its Spectacles, which are being considered the company's first hardware product on the market. These sunglasses are able to record videos in...
Oakley Radar Pace smart glass

Smart Glass Oakley Radar Pace to Hit Markets on October 1, 2016

One of the biggest tech flops of the decade might have been the over-hyped Google Glass, but the smart eyewear market isn’t necessarily dead yet; not according to Oakley, at least....
MOTI Life coach

Get A Smart Companion and Life Coach With MOTI

MOTI is a small device that can be placed on the working desk or by the bedside to help someone develop good habits. It is a wellness companion that perceives a...

Samsung is Forcing a Software Update to Limit Battery on Samsung Note7

Following Samsung Note7 battery fire hazard claims, Samsung is introducing a firmware update that will potentially limit your battery charging capacity. The update is meant to re-calibrate the cell to charge...
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