Apple AirTag 2 could be developed on a condition


Apple had launched its AirTag in April 2021, and ever since then there has not been any update about a potential second generation device. But now it seems like the AirTag 2 might be on cards. Information has been given out by a reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has seldom predicted false in terms of Apple products and has been accurate, majority of times. But this time it cannot be said if the news is certain or not.

Kuo has informed that the Apple AirTag 2 will only be released if the sales of the previous AirTag improves. This means that Apple is now steadily watching the sales of its AirTag on how popular the product would be with time. It would all depend on the sales and popularity of the product if Apple wants to come up with a second generation device. As per information by Kuo, the sales of the Apple AirTag is growing steadily and nearly 20 million  of the tracking devices were shipped in 2021 and it is predicted that the number would go up to 35 million in 2022.

Kuo has also said that if the figure continues to grow then Apple would consider the second edition of the AirTag. Going by the current situation, it seems like the AirTag might soon be released. If it is actually considered, it cannot be predicted as to how the company would introduce improvements. Apple is known for releasing updates for all of its hardware. It is expected that the AirTag would not be left out. Although Apple was not the first to come up with the technology but it has surely come up with an improved device on what is already out in the market.

Despite the controversy that recently popped up about the AirTags that they were used to track people, it has not really affected the sales of the device. The sales have actually picked up as the iPhone users realize how useful they are.

Photo Credits: NBC News