New refrigerator by Samsung will notify your phone when you leave door open


After unveiling several flagship smartphones, Samsung has come up with its new smart fridge, which s smarter than anyone can even think. The south Korean giant has claimed that it can troubleshoot issues and even notify through the SmartThings app. The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator provides a smoother interface that has been built on the earlier generation’s app improvements.

Some of the features include that you can head to the grocery store and check if the fridge has milk like the earlier version. But now the fridge can also let you know if you have left the door open. The South Korean giant has said that it wishes to make the fridge in to an intelligent home assistant and less of just a home appliance. There is also a feature that is known as the Personalised Family Board that will allow the users to add and customize their activities and interests. The company has also redesigned the home screen of the display of the fridge so that it can be more functional and also easy to use.

In 2018, Samsung had added Bixby’s full abilities to its Family Hub smart fridge. This year, it has said that Bixby has been enhanced and is tweaking voice commands to be more conventional as well as interactive with the help of including more natural language. The South Koran company is also all set to announce a new smart front load washing machine that gets connected to the Wi Fi. The feature that is new to the appliance is its super speed mode and washes the clothes faster by extracting more water than the earlier Samsung Machines.

Samsung is yet to announce the pricing and the availability. The company is known for designing a new smart home appliance every year and the progress between every generation seems incremental yet more significant. However, Bixby still lags behind other assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Photo Credits: The verge