GoPro line up gets new entry-level Hero camera


Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro had a few months back promised a new entry-level camera and the company has kept its promise. The GoPro line up got a new model which is called as the Hero which looks similar to the Hero 5 and the Hero 6 and has been priced at $199. The device is available for purchase.

The major difference between the expensive models and the Hero is mostly on the basis of its performance side. The device has been capped to a max resolution with a frame rate of 1440p at 60 frames per second so it can shoot 4K and even super slow motion footage. The Hero can take 10 megapixel pictures which is down from 12 mega pixel and has just one burst shooting option with 10 frames per second and one-time lapse setting which is 0.5 seconds per shot.

The new Hero has an Amberella chip unlike the Hero 6 Black which has a custom made image processor known as the GP1. Except a few features, the Hero has many features common with the more expensive GoPro cameras. The new device has a 2 inch touch screen with digital video stabilization, voice control and is water proof up to 30 feet. The size and shape of the device remains the same as the earlier versions which also means that it fits the same mounts as well as works with the same accessories as well.

Woodman during the press event spoke at length about the GoPro and the earnings in recent months by the company. The CEO also spoke about how important 2018 will be for GoPro when it comes to resetting expectations. The new device Hero has taken the first step towards taking the customer’s expectations to a new level. The Hero will also keep up in competition with the other gadgets in the same segment across the globe that is priced under $199.

Photo Credits: dpreview