Sony launches wearable devices at CES 2015


Tech giant Sony has announced a few new products at the CES 2015 at Las Vegas. Sony has unveiled new wearables and has been talking about the SmartEyeglass which is a step ahead of the prototype of the SmartEye Glass Developer edition. The new device known as the Attach is a single lens display which can be attached with the regular pair of glasses. The device can work with various other sport apps.

sony smart B headsets

Sony has also launched the prototype of the Smart B Trainer which works as an all-in-one waterproof headset. The device has been specifically designed for the runners and athletes. It has various sensors with an integrated memory and can deliver music playback and can also pick up suitable tunes which are meant for the particular intensity of workout. The device also has a voice coaching functionality.

The new Smart B Trainer looks pretty big at the moment, but is expected to be slimmed down before the actual device meant for the consumer version. The concept of the device seems interesting to see how the voice coaching aspect is expected to work out. The company has not provided more details of the concept model.

Sony has also launched the premium version of the SmartWatch 3 at the CES.

Photo Credits: digitaltrends