Google Maps now available in 39 additional languages

Google maps

Web mapping service Google Maps has got an update with the help of which users in the countries like Croatia, Azerbaijan and Latvia can also use it. The service is now available in 39 additional languages and the upgrade was introduced on March 27, 2018.

The new update for Google Maps includes native support for languages which are not so widely spoken in comparison to English, French and Spanish. The search engine giant in a blog post said that Bosnian, Afrikaans, Burmese, Coratian, Czech, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Amharic, Danish, Kazakh, Khmer, Hebrew, Icelandic, Filipino, Malay, Estonian, Indonesian, Georgian, Mongolian, Persoan, Serbian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Turkish and many other languages are now supported.

Google Maps during its inception was only available in English and 14 years later, the service expanded its services from PC browsers to mobile devices. With the help of the new update, additional 1.25 billion people will be able to use and enjoy the service. The new update is available on iOS, Android and through the desktop service. Google had recently rolled out a new look for driving transit and navigation and explore the views in Maps that highlights the prominent areas of the interest of the users who are travelling.

The revamped service includes transport hubs, gas stations, hospitals and other points of interest.

Photo Credits: digitaltrends