T-Mobile starts trade-in offer in lead up to iPhone 5 launch


Apple’s iPhone 5 will be launched on T-Mobile’s network on April 12, 2013 and the company has been generating some hype over its release. In order to push sales of the iPhone 5, T-Mobile has been encouraging trade-ins for older phones, which will allow for customers to get a reduced monthly rate, as well as avoid initial charges while going in for a new iPhone.

The service provider has been trying to make a comeback, as its subscribers have been leaving the network of late. With the introduction of the iPhone, T-Mobile hopes to regain some of its customer base and in doing so it will also be on par with other provides, as most other companies offer the iPhone as part of their plans.

Andrew Sherrard, who is the senior vice president of T-Mobile, said that customers will be getting a good deal on a new iPhone and that overall they would be paying less for the handset and subscriber charges (with the trade-in plan).

T-Mobile is still trying to work through challenges with the speed of its network. It currently offers an HSPA+ network which is not as fast as its competitor’s 4G LTE networks. Since the iPhone 5 can make use of a 4G LTE network (not offered by T-Mobile) many potential customers of the provider could spend some more time evaluating their options.