Google Glass available in US for one day on April 15, 2014


People in the United States who could not get their hands on the Google Glass device are now able to do so. The American tech giant is giving a chance to tech enthusiasts to buy the wearable computing device for $1,500 plus tax.

google glass

It has been reported that buyers of the device will also get a sunglasses shade or one of the recently-introduced prescription glasses frames. The latest device will be on sale for one day only on April 15, 2014, beginning at 9 am.

With the one-day sale, the tech company is expanding its Glass Explorer program, which started back in 2012. The search engine in a blog post said, “Every day we get requests from those of you who haven’t found a way into the program yet, and we want your feedback too,” Google said in a post on Google+ last Thursday. ” Google went on to say that they are excited to meet new explorers and that they cannot wait to hear their opinions on Glass.

The search engine also stated that the number of spots available is limited and buyers can get their hands on the device if they are 18 years and above and want to buy a pair. Google also announced that it will begin pushing the KitKat software update to Google Glass next week.

Photo Credits: PCmag