Google Photos gets two new features to enhance photo sharing experience!

Google Photos

Photo sharing and storage service Google Photos is launching two new features that will allow the users to share their favorite snaps to the world in a jiffy. Here’s what it’s all about –

Suggested Sharing

The first new feature is Suggested Sharing, that looks over a user’s Google Photos library and recognizes images that your friends and family might enjoy. The pictures are recognized on the basis of location, faces or other content.

Users can review as well as edit the suggestions which have been made and can be sent to people instantly. The pictures can also be sent to people who do not use Google Photos and can be sent through email or text. The new feature is also capable of picking up photos from multiple Google Photos accounts from a single album. For instance such pictures can be from a camping trip or a family get-together and can be taken after taking appropriate permissions to collect them.

This facilitates to make it a single shared album instead of scattered pictures all over and can be enjoyed by many people at a time.

Shared Libraries

The next feature introduced by Google Photos is Shared Libraries which allows users to link their photo libraries together. After it is shared, every picture which is taken by the user can be sent. It will also have an option to send photos of a specific person or to the shared library instantly.

Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries will be available for all iOS and Android users from June 29, 2017. In case if you are worried about sharing the wrong pictures with the wrong people, you can refer to Google’s official blog. It will double up as the perfect tutorial for you!

Photo Credits – thenextweb