Architects design small portable house Ecocapsule


Nice Architects from Bratislava have introduced its innovative egg shaped tiny home named as Ecocapsule.  The upcoming cell was recently a topic of debate  for its energy efficiency . The egg shaped cell  is perfect for those who dare to make the change and features zero emissions.

The best part about the  Ecocapsule is that has got all the attributes to be energy efficient, self sustainable and can become a small home  to live almost anywhere in the world. The ecocapsule has a roof with 600 W solar cells  and also an in-built 750W wind turbine which stores energy in the 9,744Wh strong battery  and helps to keep the house clean and connected permanently.

The focus behind the Ecocapsule is to bring together the technological advancements in terms of clean energy as it helps to create an environmental friendly home. The cell gets its fuel from the sun and the wind. It also has a rainwater collecting feature that filters it provides clean and portable water  to the egg-shell dweller.  The small house is just 14.6 feet length and 7.4 feet in width and 8.4 feet in height. The interior has been cleverly designed so that all the needs are accommodated.

It can accommodate 2 people  in the luxurious cell that has a folding bed, a small kitchen, shower with hot water, flushable toilet and also a dining area with a storage space.

Photo Credits: treehugger