Get A Smart Companion and Life Coach With MOTI

MOTI Life coach

MOTI is a small device that can be placed on the working desk or by the bedside to help someone develop good habits. It is a wellness companion that perceives a person’s habit formation goals and stays with the person until he achieves those goals. It was invented by co-founders Kayla Matheus and Laura Day.

co-founders Kayla Matheus and Laura Day

It’s not just an app that uses data, it’s a device that understands that humanity is all about emotion. It has been designed using insights from studies in behavioral science and social robotics. MOTI is a friend who helps one to stay motivated and accountable as they strain to build and maintain right habits.

How does MOTI work?

After a person decides to adopt a certain habit and has identified the best location for their new habit, he/she places MOTI at that location. The device will integrate three elements of the person’s habit that are directly looped into his lifestyle. These elements are Trigger, Routine, and Reward. The smart device uses light, sound, and haptic technology to communicate to the user and encourage them to complete a task that is important in achieving a predetermined goal.

MOTI is always there for you

The device analyzes every element of a person’s behavior and determines a program of reminders and rewards that make the person form habits in a convenient and seamless way. The physical presence of MOTI reminds the user that they should remain committed to their goal.


MOTI makes one accountable

It tracks a person’s progress throughout the day and reacts depending on whether or not the person is on the right track of achieving the set goals. If it shows green color, it implies the person is doing what is right. If it shows red, the device is not impressed by the person’s track record.

MOTI Learns about you over time

The device has been programmed to understand human nature and our habit forming ways. When the track record is good, the device has many ways of cheering the person on. If the person falls off track, it knows the best way to prod you and can act as a coach to some and a friend to MOTI on kickstarter

Co-founders of the MOTI project expect to launch it in the market and make it available for purchase by July 2017. You can pledge $99 for single devices now to avoid purchasing it at a higher price, once released. Check out the company’s Kickstarter page.

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