Samsung is Forcing a Software Update to Limit Battery on Samsung Note7


Following Samsung Note7 battery fire hazard claims, Samsung is introducing a firmware update that will potentially limit your battery charging capacity. The update is meant to re-calibrate the cell to charge to a maximum of 60% the current charging level. This update will only be available for the devices running Samsung Official stock Rom. The update is expected to happen OTA automatically without the user’s knowledge.

Samsung Electronics agreed to the customers claims that Galaxy Note7 smartphones were overheating and catching fire especially when being charged. They began conducting strict X-ray lab checks on every lithium ion battery produced. The product safety agency agreed with Samsung to send a text message to every Samsung Note7 users to spread awareness to customers holding on to older devices.

Samsung announced on 5th September that 51,060 Galaxy Note7 phones are in Australia. The users were supposed to return their devices to the merchant to get a replacement. Samsung would give the same model or a phone from another manufacturer of similar rating such as Apples IPhone. The mandatory software update was an additional safety measure the company was taking. They made it after several fire and injuries were happening following Samsung Note7 faulty battery software control.

The updates are available in Australia, Asia, and Europe. The updates are currently unavailable in America, where the company has sold about 1 million Samsung Note7 devices. Samsung confirmed that replacement units would be available to the USA users latest by 21st September. Among other updates, users will be greeted by a brand new green battery icon on the home screen.

Richard Fink, Vice President IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia said that the updates would be a safety precaution for the users. He urged users who had had already purchased the Samsung Note7 Smartphone to complete doing a full device backup quickly. They should later return it to the vendor issuer to seek a replacement.