Google Pixel 5 officially announced with other devices

pixel 5

Gadget lovers can now officially look forward to the much awaited Google Pixel 5 which is the upcoming flagship phone by the search engine giant. The company during its Launch Night in Livestream event unveiled its Pixel 5 along with the Google Nest Audio, Google Pixel 4a 5G and the Chromecast with Google TV. Another device which was also rumored was the Pixel 5 XL, but the fact is that such a smartphone does not exist.

As the name suggests, the Pixel 5 is an upgrade to the Pixel 4 , but a few critics have seen it as a downgrade when they got down to a comparison between the two devices. No matter what the comparisons are, the Pixel 5 will be priced at $699. The company has confirmed that the phone will be launched in the UK, US and Australia. Gadget enthusiasts who are interested can pre-book their phone from the web store of Google. The smartphone is all set to hit the stores of Australia, UK and the US on October 15, 2020.

There are already many retailers who have confirmed the deals in these markets . The device will be available in two colors namely: Sorta Sage which will be a green color device and Just Black which is simple black. The company has claimed that the body of the smartphone has been made out of recycled aluminum. This feature of the device could be called as noteworthy as most of the smartphones either have a plastic body or are made of glass. However, it has to be noted that the reason a number of companies do not use metal is the wireless charging feature cannot be included in a metal body phone.

But here the Pixel 5 continues to have the feature as it has a small hole on the top of the wireless charging coil covered by resin and is painted to match the aluminum.

Photo Credits: The Verge