LG unveils features of upcoming G7 ThinQ smartphone

G7 ThinQ

South Korean electronics giant LG has always had interesting strategies to make important and big announcements. The company has always announced the parts and features of its upcoming flagship phones which does not need any scope for imagination. Once again LG has done the same thing and has announced that the next flagship phone will be called as the LG G7 ThinQ and will be launching in three weeks.

The company cannot stop gushing about its first ThinQ branded phone in the G series. However, this is not the first ThinQ smartphone as the LGV30 ThinQ was announced at the MWC two months back. Similar to the V series smartphone the LG G7 ThinQ will be putting an emphasis on the AI. This means that the ThinQ is the latest umbrella brand by LG for anything and everything that is related to AI. The company began by rebranding the old SmartThinQ smart home appliances and is now focusing on extending the smartphone segment.

However, LG has not started making its own smart assistant but integrates with Google Assistant. The company is focusing to integrate the AI in to various features including intelligence, usual photography, smartphone and smart phone controls. So far the company has not yet hinted anything else in terms of the name and its focus, but since LG is known for giving surprises, we can expect a few pre-announcements in the upcoming days.

According to the leaked images and the hints dropped by LG, the new G7 ThinQ is tall and slim compared to the LG G6 and is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9. It cannot be said how the market reacts to the new smartphone by LG as it is already saturated with high end phones which have already made its place among the users. LG is expected to launch the LG G7 ThinQ on May 2, 2018 at the Metropolitan West in Manhattan.

Photo Credits:Daily Hunt