Instagram makes an exit from Apple Watch platform


A few reports say that another developer has now quietly made an exit from the Watch platform of Apple. The latest iOS update has removed Instagram which has indicated that things are not doing so good with Apple. Reports said that Apple had opted to block all the updates for the WatchOS apps that rely on the iPhone to renew its data.

The latest rules have taken effect from April 1, 2018 and required the developers to upgrade the software so it automatically drop out from the wearable platform. There are chances that the company intends to market its device separately. Earlier the users were expected to pair with the smartphone most of the time. The US based company has so far not specified about the reason it removed its app from the device but the latest move on non-native apps tell a different story.

Some have said that the decision was made to promote the wearable line up for WiFi only and LTE models. Since the market is flooded with many options in terms of smartwatches, manufacturers are attempting to deliver features that make their products independent from a paired handset. On the other hand there are also reasons that the photo-sharing app did not have features like messaging and video-playback. One of the prominent reason was that the app was unusable on the small screen of the device. Now that Instagram has been abandoned, it has joined the previously dumped apps like Whole Foods, Google Maps, Amazon, eBay and Slack.

It is still not known if the developer will reintroduce the updated versions of the program in future. There are also possibilities that some of such apps were meant to be problematic as the slowest first generation wearable devices supported the first-party developed programs. But the latest model offers better hardware than the earlier versions which can force the companies to reconsider development for the Watch OS platform.

Photo Credits: Cydia Geeks