BlackBerry to launch water resistant smartphone without keyboard


Chinese multinational electronics company which manufactures BlackBerry phones is ready to unveil a new BlackBerry smartphone in October, 2017. Reports say that the new handset will have IP67 rating which means it will be dust as well as water-resistant and the battery is expected to be big which will help the device to last up to 26 hours. The upcoming device from BlackBerry will be an all-touch screen device.

TCL has not revealed much about the smartphone but it is expected that it might not have the physical keyboard BlackBerry phones were known for. The head of the global sales at TCL, Francois Mahieu during the IFA tech conference in Berlin, had spoken about a BlackBerry phone without the keyboard. Mahieu also said that the new phone will be made while considering the features the business users prefer to have.

The price of the new device will reportedly be close to the flagship phone, KeyOne which costs 549 US dollars. The upcoming handset might be cheaper than the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. The contract manufacturer of BlackBerry phones said that the all-touch screen phone will have a distinctive image and will attract the customers away from the brands that are already established including Samsung and Apple.

BlackBerry was once the leader of the smartphone segment but failed on some of the key fronts to adopt a faster technology and could not keep up to the expectations of the consumers. TCL reportedly does not want to repeat such mistakes and a full touch screen phone will be a good idea for the emerging market. Even the KeyOne failed to keep up to the expectations in the competition with Samsung and iPhone. To make things even worse, the KeyOne was not released by the mobile carriers in the United States even after several months of its release.

Photo Credits: cnet