Facebook ready to launch original video platform with Watch


Social media giant Facebook has created a new platform for original video content. The content will be produced by its partners, who will be earning 55 percent of the ad break revenue and Facebook will keep 45 percent. The new platform has been named as Watch which will feature several original shows and will begin rolling out to a small group in the US on mobile, desktop and TV apps of Facebook.

Facebook will now be hosting original content which will help to boost the revenue and provide users an opportunity to frequently return to the News Feed for the content that they cannot find anywhere else. The platform Watch will show personalized recommendations of live and recorded shows and will have some of the categories like Whats Making People Laugh, Most Talked About, and Shows Your Friends Are Watching.

The publishers of the show will also have the option to share them on the News Feed so that people could discover them The feature Watchlist will allow the users to subscribe to the updates on new episodes of their favourite shows. Even the fans will be able to connect with each other and also the creators of the content.

Facebook has assured that it intends to spread the feature to a wider network of users soon. The social network said that it will begin by rolling out in the rest of the US before it touches international users. Users who are able to access will be able to see a TV shaped button known as Watch at the bottom of the navigation bar of Facebook’s main app. The social networking giant has also said that they have even funded some of the shows but has also noted that they are just a small percentage of all the shows which are available. The actual rollout of the feature will begin from August 11, 2017.

Photo Credits: adweek