Nissan launches new Leaf with one-pedal for accelerating and braking


Japanese auto giant, Nissan has launched a new version of its popular Leaf Electric car with a longer range with more power and a sleeker design for the European market. The new Nissan Leaf can reportedly be driven with just one e-pedal for accelerating and braking. The vehicle can travel up to 235 miles between the charges in the European driving conditions and can be fully charged in just 40 minutes with the help of faster chargers.

Now, one will wonder if a single e-pedal for accelerating and braking can be risky or how will that work. When the pedal is depressed, it will take the vehicle forward and when the pressure is released the brakes will be applied. This is expected to increase the driving efficiency and that the driver must be able to operate the vehicle at about 90% of urban driving.

The best part about the Leaf is that it can slow down to halt and hold itself steady while on an incline without having the need to depress a brake pedal, which has been included in case of emergency. The new model in the Leaf segment is expected to give a competition to the new entrants by General Motors and Tesla. It is just that the Leaf has a shorter range and the rivals offer a larger battery so that they can be driven further between the charges.

The Leaf has been rated for 235 miles in Europe, 248 Miles in Japan and just 150 miles in the US due to the different driving conditions. The company has assured that it will soon launch a better mileage and longer version for US by 2019. The vehicle will cost around $5000 in the US and hopes to get a better business in future in the European market. The Leaf also remains an important product and is also the symbol of Nissan’s commitment towards the environment.

Photo Credits: vox-cdn