Now Staying In Touch With Your Pet Is Possible


The movie The Secret Life Of Pets will be releasing in 2016, but the animated movie trailer is already making us giggle because it lets us know what our pets are up to when we leave them to their own vices. Check out the trailer by clicking HERE.)

So everyday when you close the door and leave for work, your pet, whether it’s a furry four legged dog or cat, or a bird or a fish or iguana or whatever type of creature you possess – are left alone the whole day until you return to snuggle for the evening with them. But sometimes you might catch yourself wondering what your pet is up to as you toil all day at work. Well, wonder no more!

There is a new device in town called the Petcube. As per their official site, these are the features that they offer:

  • Sleek 4x4x4 inches aluminium housing
  • 138 degree wide angle camera streaming HD 720p  video
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Connects to home WiFi
  • 2-way audio stream through built-in microphone or speaker
  • Built-in 5mW 3R class laser, certified & safe
  • Non-slip surface, standard tripod mount
  • 1.3 pound weight
  • 110/240 power adapter  (US type plug)

Not only can you interact with your own pet, but if you don’t have one, you can play around with another pet who has the fortune of winning you over with the Petcube.

The only set-back seems that people can misuse this service and spy on people instead of pets. Also, since this is a stationary model, if your pet wanders away from the camera’s radius, you won’t know what the heck is going on.

However, people are still going for it because this whole new idea of being able to stay in touch with your animal friend is better than not being able to see them till you get back home at the end of a hard day.

The Petcube currently retails for $199.

Visit the official Petcube site HERE.