Audio-Visual Come Alive With Soundwall


There are two things that all artistic people love – art + music. Imagine combining the two to create something that resembles nothing short of a technological, millennial masterpiece. Enter SOUNDWALL.

What looks like a beautiful canvas hung on your wall will take you to another level when it starts playing music that goes with the picturesque painting. This is actually brilliant and it is a reality. You can choose what music you want to play along.

The Soundwall official website states the following:

  • Choose from framed art or creative surfaces
  • Rich, Hi-fi sound, entire surface resonates
  • Wi-fi connected streams through any app
  • Expertly handcrafted in Colorado, USA

You get to choose between Photography, Original Art and Art Prints. They retail from anywhere between $325 right up to $9,900! However, if you’re looking for a modern touch to your dining room, bedroom, any room you should definitely look into picking this up. It totally changes the aura.

Visit the official site of SOUNDWALL by clicking HERE. The sleek design of the site itself will take you in.