Domino’s launches Easy Order Button to order pizza


Fast food giant Dominos has released a new device for the connected homes. A physical button has been launched which has to be just pressed to instantly order your favourite pizza.
The ‘Easy Order System’ from Dominos allows the customers to order pizza at your door at the touch of your button. The new button is for those who want to escape the effort of picking up the phone or ordering the pizza. The button can be synced with the mobile device with the help of Bluetooth and connects with an app that automatically places the order for the customer’s favourite pizza.
After the button is pressed the order goes under process and will glow red and let the customer know that their pizza is on the way. Dominos will be holding a competition and will select a number of ‘superfans’ who will be receiving the limited edition Easy Order buttons. The details of the competition will be revealed in December, 2015.
For the rest of the customers there is a digital version of the Easy Order button on Dominos app and website that will allow the customers to order their favourite pizza whenever they want to. Currently Dominos gets 75% of its orders digitally.

Photo Credits: gizmodo