LG to unveil V10 smartphone and Urbane Smartwatch in New York


South Korean giant LG is all set to launch two new devices one is its smartphone and the other is a smartwatch which can be used as a phone. The device will be unveiled at a live event in New York on October 1, 2015.

LG Smartwatch

LG is all set to show off its V10 smartphone which is first in its new line of Android smartphones. It features a second independent screen above the handset’s main 5.7 inch screen which can be set to display weather, time and date. When the man display is on the second screen can be used as a launching pad for the user’s shortcuts and favourite apps.
The launch of the V10 will be a refreshment in the growing smartphone market. The device will be launched just days after search engine giant Google unveiled its new Nexus phones powered by its Android operating systems.
LG will also be launching the LG Watch Urbane Second Edition that the company has called as the first Android Wear device to have cellular connectivity. The device can be used to make and receive calls from the convenience of their wrist. The smartwatch has a 1.38 inch full circle P-OLED display with a 480 X 480 resolution.

Photo Credits: bbci