Disney to introduce 3D coloring app for children


A new technology has been introduced by Disney that makes traditional coloring books more enjoyable. A new application has been created that works in real time with 3D coloring books.
According to studies, coloring is one of the most enjoyable activities among the young children and also helps to improve cognitive development. The upcoming app has been designed by Disney Analysis and will introduce 3D art in coloring books. The new technology will be applied for children and will help in their development even more when it comes to spatial recognition.
The initial design was proposed at the IEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality during this fall and have released a shot video to explain its function. The technology works with a combination of coloring paper and tablet or smartphone app to bring the character to life. The new application has been designed so that it can auto correct the unwanted patterns that are left behind by pencils and pens to create a smooth texture.
The app will also ignore the bended aspects of the page while it designs the 3D model. People have tested the app and it has already received positive responses. The new application will also help to increase the interest in coloring.

Photo Credits: topbestappsforkids