Samsung unveils new Gear S2 smartwatch with circular face


South Korean giant Samsung is working towards improving its smartwatch line up and has introduced a new device with a circular face. Samsung says that the new device has a better battery life than the Apple Watch but so far it is not known how many applications will be available for the device.
The company is currently dealing with the limited availability of apps for the Samsung smartwatches. The device have been in the market even before the Apple Watch was launched but has not managed to generate much interest among the gadget enthusiasts. The new Gear S2 will face competition from Apple and also from a variety of manufacturers that use Google’s Android Wear softwear.
Meanwhile, the outside app developers have concentrated more on Apple Watch and the Android Wear Watches. The Samsung smartwatches use their own operating system, Tizen, which means the device needs special apps to be made. However, the south Korean giant has promised to provide more applications for the new circular face smartwatch but no details have been revealed.
Samsung has assured that the demos of the new applications will be out at the IFA tech show in Berlin. The new S2 with a circular face will be available in two styles classic and modern with variety of colors and bands.

Photo Credits:rack