Street View now available on Google Maps as its own Android app


Search engine giant Google has launched the Street View on Google Maps as a standalone app on the Google Play Store. The new move has been taken after some of the major tech companies unveiled their offerings in to individual apps. Even Amazon has made its video streaming service as its own app in Android earlier this week.

If the users have a smartphone with a gyroscope then they have the option to take and upload photospheres from directly inside the Street View app. The users can also browse through a wide range of the existing photospheres that the search engine has made available.
The search engine has made it loud and clear that it is not afraid to explore parts that have n ot been touched so far in the globe and make the Street View experience even better. Google had taken to the Amazon rainforest in a zip line for the latest real world imagery.
The users will have an option to flow down the Colorado river or going as far as 2013 and explore the giant pandas in the zoos of Asia. There are reports that Apple is working on its own Street View rival on Apple Maps since June, but has just started work on it.

Photo Credits: blogcdn