Apple to unveil Apple TV in September


US based tech giant Apple Inc. is all set to unveil the new version of the Apple TV later this summer. The new digital media hardware was announced at an event in September by Apple.


Reports say that the new set top device features a greater storage and a faster processor with Siri voice compatibility. The recent line up of devices has raised questions if it would lead to an expandable line up of digital media applications like the Hulu and Netflix. The Apple TV was launched in 2007 and is a fast growing alternative to the conventional subscription based TV service.
There are possibilities that it could have as many as 7 million subscribers by the end of 2015. Analysts have said that the Americans are moving towards paying the TV providers at a higher rate than ever before. John Packowski the Buzzfeed Managing director wrote in an article, “It’s a significant overhaul of the diminutive set-top box, which hasn’t seen a material refresh since 2012”.
John added that one that Apples has hoped will inspire big upgrade cycle through an annual winter holiday consumer binge. It has also been noticed that Apple has always used September to announce new iPhones and other iPhone related news.

Photo Credits: gadgetsin