Samsung develops new thin sensor for ultra slim phones


South Korean giant Samsung has developed a new sensor that can fit a 16 mega pixel camera even in to the thinnest phones like the Galaxy A8. Samsung has built an ISOCELL based CMOS imager which makes use of extremely small 1.0 micro pixels instead of the 1.12 micron units from the earlier model.


This might not sound like a big difference but has a sensor that is 20 percent thinner at 5mm deep. Now the users do not have to have a not so good looking camera hump to get high resolution shots. But there are going to be a few compromises. The ISOCELL is supposed to help with the offset light reception that is lost by using similar pixels but the camera will not perform as expected in dim lights like the bigger sensors in the rivals or from Samsung.
However, it can still be a good deal if you do not want to go for low resolution pictures in slim devices. The new feature might not be exclusive and can soon be seen in other company’s phones before it is too long.
The new technology also helps to increase the light sensitivity and also effectively controls the collection of photons.

Photo Credits: fonearena