Nokia unveils virtual reality camera Ozo for filmmakers


Finnish giant Nokia has unveiled a virtual reality camera for professional filmmakers and content creators and content creators, known as the Ozo. The new Ozo 360-degree VR camera was unveiled at an event in Los Angeles.

The Finnish giant had earlier sent invites for the virtual reality product launch. The new ball shaped camera has eight shutter sensors and can capture 3D footage for the creation of content for such devices like virtual reality headsets. The Los Angeles event was attended by representatives from major studios and production houses.
The new product from Nokia has indicated that the company is ambitious to make devices that are beyond network equipment after shutting down mobile phones in 2014. Many players are dropping a range of virtual reality headsets in the market to get the attention of the users. Facebook, Samsung and Sony are some of the companies who have ventured in to the virtual reality headset market. The new Ozo will begin shipping from the fourth quarter 2015 and the specifications and pricing will be announced by Nokia in a future date.
Nokia has sold its mobile phone unit to Microsoft for about $7.5 billion and since then it has left three businesses, a maps business, development and research unit that was responsible for licensing its patents.

Photo Credits: hollywoodreporter