Facebook plans to expand free mobile internet service


Social networking giant Facebook is planning to improve its service to offer free basic internet on mobile phones. The progress was informed by an executive, after the application has been introduced in 17 developing countries in the past year.

A blog post revealed that to mark the first year of the initiative and that Facebook will be opening a portal that will allow the mobile operator to offer services under its Internet.org platform. At present the social network has joined hands with specific operators to launch the service in different countries.
Chris Daniels, the vice president of product for Internet.org said that it has so far brought 9 million people online in the past year. The social network has developed the platform with the help of six technology partners and has successfully connected 4.5 billion unconnected people online mainly in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The service offers web services for free to the users with access to Facebook’s own social network and messaging service.
Daniels added that the social network was not paying for any of the data that is used to access the service. The vice president also said that it is a consumer acquisition tool for mobile operators where the users are offered light data for free so that more users are attracted to their networks.

Photo Credits: firstpost